All day long, you have a steady flow of decisions to make, personalities to manage and problems to solve. You’re constantly being observed and evaluated by those above and below you. All of this makes it difficult to reflect on the success you’ve achieved.

With this kind of pressure, even success can feel like failure.


Let me share a secret…

You’re not alone! It’s not uncommon for even the most successful leaders to feel overwhelmed by the combined demands placed on them by their employers, employees, clients, families and friends.

Here’s another secret…


The barrier between failure and success is often paper thin

That’s right — “paper thin”. Across a broad spectrum of clients, it’s been my experience that even the slightest awareness and shift in attitude or belief is often all that stands between an ineffective leader and a great one. Small changes in style and direction are often all that’s required to set a leader on an entirely new path toward achieving the success, satisfaction and happiness they truly desire.


Cara - Headshot - Color-framedThere is a solution

This is where I come in. I empower clients to identify and remove internal obstacles — a practice I refer to as cleaning your internal windshield.

Once your mind is free of the haze produced by ill-serving assumptions, interpretations and internal criticisms, transformation begins. Barriers are removed. The road ahead becomes clear. Alternate and improved routes emerge. The possibilities become endless.

I’m Cara Power and I’m passionate about helping leaders lead effectively and powerfully. I started my Leadership Coaching practice to help aspiring, newly-transitioned and experienced leaders identify and crush limiting beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that serve neither them nor those they lead.


Work with me…

I work one-on-one with you in person, by phone or over Skype — whatever suits your needs. If it’s appropriate for you and your organization, I also coordinate and deliver 360-degree feedback and training on Leadership, Professional Networking and Personal Branding.

Whether you’re a leader — of employees, family members or even yourself — and you’re ready to take a bold and definitive step towards a new level of growth, success and satisfaction, contact me today and schedule a no-obligation chemistry consultation.

You have nothing to lose.

And everything to gain.

I look forward to speaking with you.

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About Me…

  • I’m a Certified Professional Coach from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)
  • I’m an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (iPEC)
  • I received a Masters in Telecommunications from George Mason University
  • I completed my undergraduate degree in Marketing from American University
  • I worked for American Express for 3 years
  • I was Executive Director of a women’s empowerment non-profit organization
  • I’m an introverted Italian
  • I’m married to a Canadian and we live in Brooklyn, New York
  • I’m a big fan of storytelling as an art form
  • I’ve run 1 half and 2 full marathons
  • You can find me online at:

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