Kyle Dietrich
Africa & Peacekeeping Manager | CIVIC

Working with Cara was a very empowering experience. Cara is skilled at intuitive listening and deconstructing those often-unexamined limiting beliefs and patterns that do not serve us. We were able to identify some of my blind spots and unhelpful communication patterns. Not only did she dig deep and fully show up, she took me on a journey that led to increased self-awareness and self-actualization. Cara knows the coaching frameworks and lingo, but more importantly holds you accountable to your higher self and tailors sessions to meet you where you are. The coaching process wasn't always easy because you're doing a deep excavation of personal values, strengths, development areas, and receiving 360-feedback from colleagues. In the end, I feel I gained incredibly valuable tools and a better understanding of how to be a more effective colleague and leader. These have had an immediate impact on my work and personal relationships. I highly recommend Cara!

If you are looking for an executive coach to transform you from the inside out -- allowing you to move past your internal roadblocks and onto a path to reach your full potential -- Cara Power is the executive coach for you. Cara and I instantly connected. She was more interested in me as a person, my authentic self not just the self that shows up at work. We dove into areas that I consider weaknesses and what I believed has held me back. Cara's technique goes beyond traditional executive coaching and really gets to the heart of who you are as a person and how that translates to how you show up in your career. She guides you to explore who you want to be in all aspects of your life and provides tools to get there or in most cases tips to get out of your own way. My life as a whole has transformed since working with Cara. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a holistic shift.

Cynthia Holt Account Manager, Bloomberg LP
Kejo Clark
Director, HBO

Cara's technique in Executive Coaching has helped transform my role as a leader. She provided advice with a positive, strategic, personable approach. Her expertise challenged me to embrace new goals and led to results quickly. If you are seeking the best of the best, I highly recommend Cara and am grateful for her knowledge in Leadership Excellence!

​I enlisted Cara's guidance and support during an important transition point in my career. She proved not only to be an empowering coach but a compassionate counselor as well. She has the wonderful ability to allow you to see the actions that don't support your goals and arm you with the tools and techniques that help you grow as a professional and transform your 9-5 experience. If you're looking for someone to help you see how your challenges can become opportunities and how to be influential and impactful in the workplace, I encourage you to make Cara a part of your team. She receives my highest recommendation.

Rebeca Denny Managing Director, Ebiquity plc
Latanya Mapp Frett
Executive Director, Planned Parenthood Global

​I strongly recommend Cara as your executive coach. She brings positivity, passion, and professionalism as a trusted partner in improving leadership skills and style. Cara helped me identify opportunities where I could communicate in more productive and impactful ways and provided tools to help me implement those communication changes and strategies at relevant moments. Cara listens astutely for what is being said and more importantly for what's not being said. I counted on her to provide both an open, secure space for honest, interactive dialogue AND clear actionable takeaways at the end of our sessions. She is all about taking action! As a result of our coaching together Cara helped shift my mindset and my communication patterns in valuable ways that will only benefit my team at work and at home.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Cara. She has given me the tools to approach my career with a sense of purpose that has allowed me to leverage my desire to make an impact in the civic/social sector. Cara did an amazing job of listening to me and adjusting her executive coaching to my individual needs. I always felt like her advice was extremely personal and tailored specifically to me. I would recommend Cara in a heartbeat and will continue to use her advice and suggestions in the future.​

Deshaun Mars Director Partnerships, Teach for America
Celina Lee
Business Development Director & General Counsel at AKA Study

​I've had the pleasure of working with Cara in two different settings. She was my coach through a Council of Urban Professionals (CUP) fellowship, and also an event speaker for Give One Dream -- a community I am building to help people pursue their dreams. Cara is warm, kind, full of positive spirit, and her presence lights up the room. She is an amazing listener and has helped me gain new perspectives and make decisions in both my professional and personal life. People who attended the Give One Dream event and heard her speak also had rave reviews; they learned so much from her about the attitudes and perspectives they need in order to be happy at work. I wholeheartedly recommend Cara!

Cara is a powerful and effective coach. She gracefully delivers tangible, strategic advice alongside genuine compassion and a keen ability to read between the lines. The work I did with her allowed me to develop my team quickly and effectively, resulting in a significant increase in sales. She helped me better understand my own strengths and was able to shine a light on the opportunities I had to grow as a leader. This had an immediate impact on my role within the company and continues to resonate. Working with Cara was an investment not only in my career, but in the way I see myself in the world.

Elizabeth Chubbuck VP Sales, Murray's Cheese
Jorge Santana
Managing Director, Teach For America

Working with Cara was a valuable experience for my leadership development in my career. Since we began working together early this year, Cara worked to get to know me authentically so that our coaching conversations were meaningful. Not only is Cara a great listener, she always pushed my thinking to consider varying perspectives on my approach to working with others, and most importantly, my attitude with myself. Cara deeply understands and values that who we are as whole individuals is inextricably tied to our career success and she approached all of our conversations from that lens. Cara is someone who I quickly opened up to and her insights have been instrumental in my development. I am so thankful for her immense coaching and insights.

I have had the privilege of having Cara as my executive coach during my tenure as a CUP Fellow and I have been thoroughly impressed and impacted by her nuanced perspective regarding personal brand, executive presence, and team management. Cara's insight accelerated my shift from individual contributor to leader of people and I am particularly impressed by her ability to provide actionable strategies that deliver meaningful outcomes. She earns my highest recommendation and I hope that you too have the opportunity to work with her.

Vincent Benjamin Enterprise Relationship Manager, LinkedIn
Samantha Erskine Director of Development, NAACP

Cara is supportive on a holistic level: She helped me understand my blind spots and shift my perspective so that I could become more self-aware and better lead others, constantly reminded me to focus on my personal wellness, and connected me with resources beyond just "executive coaching."

​Cara is a true professional. She is attentive, results-oriented, and very effective. Cara helped me determine what I really wanted and then walked me through the process of envisioning how to accomplish it. When I needed an immediate consultation, she was on call and helped me every step of the way. I could not have asked for a better coach.

Neysa Alsina Counsel, New York City Bar Association
Jason Penchoff Director of Marketing, WebMD

Cara is a passionate, active listener with a methodology that produces results in Leadership Development. She provided insights and coaching that shifted my thinking and created a new level of self-awareness. In areas that I felt stuck, she moved me to action. She helped me craft a clear vision and path to becoming a more conscious leader. Our work together really energized and enlightened me.

Working with Cara Power has been an invaluable experience. I was able to grow and get clear, in life and business, in a very short period of time! Cara is supportive, perceptive, and honest. She helped me excavate fears that were holding me back, as well as shift my attitude and perspective in a simple yet profound way. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with her. Cara is filled with unparalleled insight and wisdom.

Franchesca Isaac Licensed Acupuncturist
Jazmin Chavez Social Media and Community Manager at New York City Council

Cara Power is a force of greatness that helped transform my professional and personal habits. With her guidance and support, I was able to negotiate the salary that I wanted in my new position, heal a broken relationship, and reminded me to always take care of myself. If you’re looking for a personal coach who has both the expertise to help you personally and professionally, then Cara Power is the right person for you. She will help you get to where you want to go, no matter how far or how difficult that next step might be. Thank you Cara! I look forward to building our relationship in 2015!

Cara’s presentation on networking was extremely helpful for our Graduate Student Association members! She outlined proven preparation strategies for building professional networks that are mutually beneficial. Moreover, she described straight-forward ways to effectively sustain and grow relationships within our networks. We were all impressed with her positive energy and visible passion for her work!

Karl Lewis Graduate Research Assistant, City College of New York
Antonia Trigiani COO / Controller, InfinitePR

Cara is an amazing listener – vital in leadership coaching. She has an extraordinary way of getting to the core of what you need. I highly recommend her!

Cara Power really lives up to her name — her coaching style is one that fosters empowerment. From the very first session I felt her sincere curiosity and investment in my personal and professional goals. Since working with her, not only did I reach goals, but I gained clarity on goals for my career. Cara has a talent for inspiring transformation. I really am thankful I was able to be coached by her.

Brittany Blocker Life Coach
Freda Thomas, MBABusiness Coach and Advisor

I just finished my first coaching session with Cara. She is fantastic, with a unique ability to carefully explore the nuances of a person’s needs and desires in order to help them achieve greater results in life. Cara is life affirming, asking the kinds of questions that will help you understand “the self” in new ways. Aspiring leaders and executives in need of coaching can benefit greatly from working with Cara.

Working with Cara has been instrumental to my own growth both as a coach and entrepreneur. She is incredibly insightful and her approach is powerful and action-oriented (that perfect combination of great listening skills, compassion AND some tough cookie love). I was blown over by her ability to swiftly and intuitively gauge my needs and goals while providing the space necessary for empowering self-discovery. Cara’s charisma and beautifully infectious energy truly impact her clients, enabling them to turn their potential into true power.

Hila Katz The Conscious Leadership Coach / Entrepreneur
Christina BurnsAcupuncturist /  Leadership Coach

It has been a gift working with Cara Power. She has such an amazing spirit and is truly authentic in her desire to assist her clients. Her passion for coaching is wonderfully inspirational. She is a blessing to the profession.

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